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DRAWings 6.7 PRO Features

DRAWstitch launches the new DRAWings® version 6.7

DRAWings 6 PRO New features
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DRAWings® has been the first embroidery software to be fully integrated with a graphics designing software. Now, DRAWings® 6, goes one step beyond with the powerful combination of its new easy-to-use built-in designer and its ability to work seamlessly with a graphics software left intact! Create your own designs from scratch with far more ease, transform and edit shapes, add text, all in 3D designing mode. Produce stunning designs with crystals/rhinestones easily that you can combine with embroidery or textile printing.
Now every design can be your embroidery fill type that will fill in your new creations. The array fill will change the way you used to fill your embroidery designs The new automated monogramming tool together with the hundreds of decorative frames (Borders, Corners, Sides) will give you all you need to create your monogram designs.
You can now use the software to create and cut your appliqué designs or any other material by connecting it directly with the most popular cutters in the market.

NOTE: DRAWings® 6 comes in one edition: the equivalent of the up to now known as "Professional Edition" of DRAWings software and reads all ".DRAW" files created from any previous version.
All features and tools of the previous Professional Editions have remained intact in this new DRAWings® 6 version! Check them below:

All current users of DRAWings 6 PRO can download the latest update for FREE through our members' area

Create stencil designs

Convert any line art design to stencil design, cut it with your cutter or manually and use it to decorate walls, furniture, floors, ceilings, fabric, and more.

Stencil bridge

Supports CorelDRAW X7 32bit edition

The DRAWings 6.7 version supports CorelDRAW X7 32 bit edition and of course the older versions X6, X5, X4, X3.

CorelDRAW X7 32bit edition

Export designs to Dropbox and sync with ipad

Export designs from DRAWings 6 PRO and Wings' modular to iPad and iPhone

This is the World's first communication between the Windows software, DRAWings PRO v.6, Wings' modular v.5 and your DRAWings Snap embroidery library! Magically get your designs within your iPhone/iPad/iPod to be used on the go!

Create your own design packages that will be automatically synced with your iPad/iPhone/iPod through your Dropbox account. Use the designs to show them to your customers, to your friends and transfer them immediately to your embroidery machine through various mass storage utilities.

Print and Cut shapes

Many cutters support automatic cutting by reading specific signs on the printed design. This feature is supported from DRAWings that allows you to print and then cut any design you want with your cutter automatically.

Print and cut

Create beautiful designs with crystals/rhinestones

Designs with Crystals

  • Insert single crystal objects anywhere you like
  • Select crystals from different palettes.
  • Select the crystal Size you want from any selected palette.
  • Select the Shape/Size/Color of the crystal you want to apply from any current palette.
  • Ability to choose between various fills, like Rectangle, Shape fit, Circular, Contour, Line fit and Single line

Print and cut
Crystal-rhinestone shapes

Support for different Crystal shapes (Round, Drop, Square, Triangle, Navette and Baguette )

Decorate your designs by using different rhinestone shapes and colors.

Crystal features continued...

  • Add offset to Crystal fill/outline
  • Adjust horizontal and Vertical spacing between crystals
  • Rotate and Slant crystal fills
  • Separate crystal fill/outline to each sub crystal object
  • Ability to edit the Crystal fill container
  • Adjust crystals cut offset (distance of knife from the crystal)
  • Adjust crystals minimum hole spacing (distance between crystals)

girl with crystals-rhinestones
Export crystal designs to cutters

Export crystal designs to cutters

Export crystal designs to most widely used cutters and prepare them for the hotfix process

Fill designs with any shape

  • Create Fill Array with any shape
  • Create Outline Array with any shape
  • Create Fill Array from Clipart design
  • Create Outline Array from Clipart design
  • Change Array fill or outline by using a different shape as fill.
  • Create a Fill or Outline Array as clone object.
  • Adjust the original shape and the changes are automatically applied at the objects inside the Fill Array.

Fill designs with any shape

Clipart library

Insert Clipart, Search clipart by tags, filter designs by tags, Different views in the clipart library dialog for easier selection, Add – Delete tags on every clipart, Rename clipart name and add any design to Clipart, Apply Array fill with Clipart

Clipart dialog

Circular array Contour ability with or without Equal steps

Create beautiful complex circular contoured designs easily and use them on your embroideries, quilts or any other craft.

Circular array
Magic Wand designing tool

Magic Wand designing tool

With the Magic Wand tool you can create shapes that consist of the intersection of two or more other shapes. Also, with a single click you can convert any shape's hole to an object without affecting the hole.

Complete Monogramming tool

  • 22 Monogramming templates
  • Monogramming wizard to easily create monograms
  • Ability to select Font from every True Type font available in the system.
  • Includes 81 borders, 36 corners and 61 sides embroidery designs to use with your monograms
  • Ability to specify which section of a character will be under or above when two or more are overlapping.

monochrome photo-stitch

Colorful or monochrome photo-stitch

You have the ability to either create CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) photo-stitch designs or Monochrome in any color you prefer.

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) photo-stitch

Connect with Cutters

DRAWings® 6 can connect the software with most Cutters in the market (Zing, Silhouette CAMEO, eCraft, Silhouette SD, Foison, REDSail, GCC, ...) and cut appliqué/quilt fabrics or any other material your cutter can cut by simply sending the design you have created to the cutting machine.

Connect with Cutters
Export files for cutters

Export files for cutters

Ability to save cutwork designs as .plt, .svg, or .dxf files and import them in any cutter that can read those files

More styles for quilting and ability to mirror any style

More than 170 new Quilt style stitches are included in the software that can be used for creating beautiful quilts easily.

More styles for quilting
Smart text

Smart text that works with abbreviations

Use existing text abbreviations and convert them to embroidery or create your own and make your life easier in everyday embroidering process.

Rotation in rectangular array

Position rectangular arrays in the way you prefer and create great stitch patterns for quilts and curtains.

Rotation in rectangular array
Sequence manager - Group objects by color

Sequence manager - Group objects by color

Make easier object re-sequencing by grouping them by color.

Includes Wings’ modular® 5

Includes ( BASIC, TEXT and EDITING modules) with many new abilities.

Includes the new Wings’ modular 5 version (BASIC, TEXT and Editing modules) with many new abilities

In DRAWings 6 PRO package, Wings’ modular 5 embroidery software comes with "Basic", "Text" and "Editing" modules only, that includes many useful embroidery abilities and communicates directly with DRAWings 6 PRO. The Editing module is the new addition in DRAWings 6 PRO that enhances even more the editing features of the package. Inside Wings' modular 5 you have stitch editing abilities, combine embroidery designs by copy and pasting parts of different designs, re-sequence objects, use Pre-digitized fonts to add text on path or inside envelope, change entry and exit points of a design, adjust advanced embroidery parameters such as Density, Underlay, Fix and Lock stitches, change Corner style, adjust compensation, add half pitch compensation, variable pitch on stitch objects and more. In addition Wings’ modular "Basic" module comes with more than 3000 free embroidery designs.

Some of the available features of Editing module are listed below:

  • Editing abilities for stitch data files(like .dst, .pes, .jef, etc.)
  • Split stitch objects( like those inside .dst, .pes etc. files)
  • Re-sequence objects by click and dragging the objects on the Sequence manager
  • Transform selected objects by creating copy or not
  • Change the Satin Width (on stitch data objects) by specifying the Growth or the shrink in mm and the direction
  • Change the density of the selected objects
  • Rotate, Scale, Mirror selected objects
  • Convert Step to Satin(on stitch data objects)
  • Edit Step patterns
  • Stitch object alignment
  • Reverse Stitches of the selected Stitch data objects
  • Smooth the Stitch data objects
  • Split the Stitch data objects by specifying lines
  • Create copy of the selected objects by reference line
  • repeat the last made modification
  • Specify if the copies of the objects will be placed at the end or after the initial
  • Duplicate the whole Design
  • 2-point copy of objects

DRAWings 6.7 Features List

  • Create stencil designs
  • Print and Cut shapes
  • Supports CorelDRAW X7 32bit edition
  • Create beautiful designs with crystals/rhinestones
  • Create cutwork designs for appliqué or any other use
  • Direct connection with most known cutters
  • Ability to save cutwork designs as .plt, .svg, or .dxf files
  • Complete Monogramming Utility with many readymade frame designs
  • Unique Array fill ability. Fill your shapes with any other shape or design as an array
  • Complete clipart library with hundreds of designs that you can use in your embroideries
  • Create beautiful monochrome or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)) color photo-stitch designs
  • Magic wand - Designing tool that can make your designing life easier
  • Circular array Contour ability with or without Equal steps
  • Ability to rotate the Rectangular arrays during their creation
  • More styles for quilting and ability to mirror any style.
  • Ability to use abbreviations in text art designs
  • Now you can also convert Open Type Fonts (.otf) to embroidery
  • Support for .AI .EPS format up to version CS5
  • Export to .VP3, .MST and .SEF file formats
  • Rotation in rectangular array
  • Inertia / kinetic scrolling
  • Every time you hover over a specific object on the sequence manager, the respective object is focused on the screen
  • Sequence manager - Group objects by color
  • Ability to remove backdrop
  • Select by stitch type even if no object is selected
  • Short colors by Name or Color in Color palette
  • Auto-border with remove holes ability
  • Ability to ungroup all grouped object at once
  • Support for different Crystal shapes(Round, Drop, Square, Triangle, Navette and Baguette )
  • Wings’ modular 5 embroidery software Basic-Text-Editing modules is included in the package