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Important notice

DRAWstitch Ltd. does not sell the software that you will find in this website directly to end-users and therefore does not provide direct technical support.
You can purchase the software from any of our partners listed below. Although every partner should provide technical support to its customers, each partner may provide different services and level of technical support, while some specialize in certain aspects of the market. We suggest that you choose your supplier carefully, considering not only the price offered but also the services (training, on-line/telephone technical support, supportive material) that each partner can provide you.

Strategic Partners
Wings Systems Ltd.


Digital Art Solutions


Wings Digitizing Center

Bro Rom Industrial Machines-Sibiu S.R.L.

Supported languages: Romanian, English

Con Stitch stickdesign

Supported languages: Deutsch, English


Supported languages: Deutsch, English


Supported languages: Danish, English

JB sewing

Supported languages: English, Francais


Supported languages: English, Polish

GMS Techink

Supported languages: Czech

New Venere

Supported languages: Italian


Supported languages: French

Micro 2000 australia Embroidery

Supported languages: English