DRAWings 6 Embroidery software

Why to buy

Why to buy DRAWings 6

  • Create professional quality embroidery designs in a matter of seconds
  • Set up your in-house embroidery design service at a very affordable price
  • Convert embroidery designs even quicker with new styles and patterns that give artistic touch to ordinary embroideries.
  • Create beautiful designs with Crystals/Rhinestones and offer more to your customers or impress your friends.
  • Create any cutwork design you want, send it to your cutter and use it for appliqué, and any other craft you want to.
  • Utilize the monogramming tool and embroider your monograms in no time.
  • Combine all DRAWings PRO abilities and create designs that include embroidery, cutwork, crystals/rhinestones and textile printing all in one. There are not many software that allow you to do all that together.
  • You have no inspiration? Use the clipart library which contains hundreds of readymade embroideries and you will end up with a great design in no time.
  • Save more money by buying vector cliparts instead of stock embroidery designs
  • Use any of the 50 Pre-digitized fonts that you will find inside Wings' modular to produce perfect text art designs.
  • Convert your photos to flawless cross-stitch or photo-stitch embroidery designs automatically and gain time and money.
  • Even better embroidery quality that requires minimum editing from you.
  • Embroider multiple appliqué at once and control the offset of tack-down stitches.
  • Import your embroidery designs inside DRAWings 6, edit them, add Text or combine them with other designs and get a totally new embroidery result.

Why to upgrade to DRAWings 6 from previous versions

  • Create beautiful designs with crystals/rhinestones
  • Create cutwork designs for appliqué or any other use
  • Direct connection with most known cutters
  • Ability to save cutwork designs as .plt, .svg, or .dxf files
  • Complete Monogramming Utility with many readymade frame designs
  • Unique Array fill ability. Fill your shapes with any other shape or design as an array
  • Complete clipart library with hundreds of designs that you can use in your embroideries
  • Create beautiful monochrome or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)) color photo-stitch designs
  • Utilize the "Magic wand" the new designing tool that can make your designing life easier
  • Create designs with Circular array Contour ability with or without Equal steps
  • More styles for quilting and ability to mirror any style.
  • Convert any Open Type Fonts (.otf) to embroidery
  • Convert .AI .EPS vector files to embroidery. (up to version CS5)
  • Export to .VP3, .MST and .SEF file formats
  • The Group objects by color on the Sequence manager will make your life easier
  • Use auto-border with remove holes ability to any design and create great echo effects
  • Support for different Crystal shapes(Round, Drop, Square, Triangle, Navette and Baguette )
  • Wings’ modular 5 embroidery software Basic-Text-Editing modules is included in the package