DRAWings 6 Embroidery software

Testimonials for DRAWings 6

Nicole, my daughter wanted to do some digitizing-quilted designs; I told her to use DRAWings and within minutes she was turning out designs! Her comment: “Wow!! Simple, easy to use, requires less thought - planning..."


Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new DRAWings Pro 6. I have gone through the pdf brochures on your site to see how everything works and I am very excited in what I see. Congratulate the "powers that be" on a very good piece of software.

Lynn Zingel - New Zealand

I appreciate your patience and follow up until I was able to get access to the Member's Area. I'm a digitizer and told everyone that I was excited about DRAWings software and where to download the Evaluation Edition; I’ll let them know how you helped me.

Marlene Stewart - Arkansas –USA

I tried quite a few programs before I settled on DRAWings software, as I found it is easy to use and uncomplicated. Thank for this good program and thanks for all your help.

Mike Cummings - United Kingdom

Thanks very much. You are the best technical support team of all the software companies I’ve ever dealt with, with fast response and answers. Thanks again.
Miguel Gonzalez - San Antonio TX, USA

Thanks again for your very prompt reply and getting my issue taken care of. By the way…love the software…..!!!
James Malone – Utah, USA

Thank you, thank you!!!
UPS dropped off the new key about an hour ago, I installed it, and it appears we are back in business. I can't believe how fast this transaction occurred, less than a week, unbelievable!! It goes without saying that a company that stands behind its product and operates as efficiently as you do is a hard act to follow!!!
Bill Darnell – California, USA

I really have to say that without you people and your software I never would have been able to do such nice work in such short time in embroidery for my customers. As I am a graphic designer first ( and not an embroider pro ) your software are just perfect for doing really efficient and nice work on different projects with different fabrics and with different quality based on my customers requirements. Your technical support is always very efficient and clear and patient. To resume I am more than happy to work with you and your products!
Cécile Hadjian – France