DRAWings 4 embroidery software has been released!

Why to buy DRAWings 4

  • Create professional quality embroidery designs in a matter of seconds
  • Set up your in-house embroidery design service at a very affordable price
  • Convert embroidery designs even quicker with new styles and patterns that give artistic touch to ordinary embroideries.
  • Save more money by buying vector cliparts instead of stock embroidery designs
  • Use any of the 50 Pre-digitized fonts that you will find inside Wings' modular to produce perfect text art designs.
  • Convert your photos to flawless cross-stitch embroidery designs automatically and gain time and money.
  • Even better embroidery quality that requires minimum editing from you.
  • Embroider multiple appliqué at once and control the offset of tack-down stitches.
  • Import your embroidery designs inside DRAWings 4, edit them, add Text or combine them with other designs and get a totally new embroidery result.

Why to upgrade to DRAWings 4 from previous versions

  • Perfect embroidery with less stitches. New fabric category is added.
  • Embroider multiple appliqué at once.
  • Import Stitch files as it is and edit them with new editing tools. Also, you can combine stitch files with vector files
  • Wings' modular® 2.50 professional embroidery software. Basic, Text and Connect modules are included in the package.
  • Change the direction of Satin and Step stitches and create designs with the preferred flow of stitches.
  • Control the offset of running as well as Satin Serial to outlines/line-art objects and borders.
  • Control the offset of the tack-down stitches to Applique objects
  • Select the underlay you prefer and stabilize better your embroidery designs
  • Adjust the compensation, stitch length and density, where is needed, in order too produce the embroidery result you want using your embroidery expertise.
  • Complete Hoop designer including the most popular hoops of the market.