DRAWings 4 embroidery software has been released!

January 14, 2008

DRAWstitch Ltd. is proud to announce that a new version of its DRAWings® software will be available within February 2008.
DRAWings® 4 is more than a software upgrade and a powerful collection of new features: it’s a groundbreaking enhancement of this favorite embroidery software with its own designing tools!

The following are only a few of DRAWings® 4 new features:

DRAWings® build-in designer

DRAWings® 4 has now been evolved to include its own built-in designer with tools that help a user draw his ideas into 3D embroidery results in real time, while the software interactively regenerates all embroidery parameters!
All designing tools like shapes, node editing, combining, copy/paste, and much more are now incorporated in DRAWings® to provide a quick and easy-to-use way of designing while the user still has the ability to keep using his favorite graphics software.

New Import Stitch Files feature

The Import Stitch Files feature has become more flexible allowing the user to even keep the whole design as is or convert it only partially into graphic (vector). The file can further be edited with the new editing tools of DRAWings® 4, have text added to it or be combined with other designs.

Complete Hoop Designer

while the most popular hoops are already included in the software

Multi-Processing abilities

to make use of the abilities of the new Multi-core processors of the market

Free upgrade to the new Wings’ modular® version 2.50

Compatible with Windows Vista® and much more.

Pricing and availability

DRAWings® 4 is available through DRAWstitch Ltd. and selected partners. Existing users of Corel® DRAWings® PRO can upgrade to the new DRAWings® 4 version at the special price of US$299/€210 whereas existing users of Corel® DRAWings® Standard version can upgrade to DRAWings® 4 at the special price of US$699/€500.

For more information on DRAWings® 4 and its availability contact DRAWstitch Ltd. at or visit

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