DRAWings PRO X Features

Works on MAC OS and on the latest Windows OS versions

Pre-digitized fonts included in the Lettering tool

Envelope on text

Cutwork tool that supports cutting needles for embroidery machines

Multi-hooping support

Visualize the hooping process by rotating and moving the hoops

Split objects with the new knife cut tool

Create button holes automatically

Name drop ability

Complete stitch editor

Color management system

Color harmonies added for getting beautiful color combinations

Thread palette search ability added

Build in design browser to find and organize your designs

New auto re-ordering system

Form fill added to the possible Special outline/pen types

New cornering method for Satin Serial objects

Embroidery software

DRAWings version 10 is a multi-functional software


DRAWings version 10 is a multi-functional software, with a fully customizable interface and an impressive list of features.

Creative DRAWings X embroidery software

Creative DRAWings X

The software that you're looking at represents the most advanced technology in the embroidery design field today.

Learn more about Wings' modular 6

Wings' modular 6

Wings' modular 6 is professional embroidery software that consists of 14 modules that have different features.

DRAWings Embroidery Effect to create embroidery look images

Embroidery Effect

FREE DRAWings Embroidery Effect can convert any vector/bitmap graphic into an embroidery-like image quickly and easily. Just follow these steps:


I am having fun - I have used all kinds of software in my day, drawing-painting, photo editing, digital cutter software etc. this is truly one of the friendliest "graphics" type of programs I've ever used.

Debra K. - California

Thank you very kindly, you have secured my dedication to the wings digitizing software. When I decide it is time for an upgrade it will be your software because of the assistance you have offered. Thank you for everything.

Jason Wilds - Exeter, Canada

Nicole, my daughter wanted to do some digitizing-quilted designs; I told her to use DRAWings and within minutes she was turning out designs! Her comment: “Wow!! Simple, easy to use, requires less thought - planning..."


Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the new DRAWings Pro 6. I have gone through the pdf brochures on your site to see how everything works and I am very excited in what I see. Congratulate the "powers that be" on a very good piece of software.

Lynn Zingel - New Zealand

I have been embroidering for 14 years and own several programs. I find that the DRAWstitch software allows me to quickly digitize for customers without spending the hours I normally use to spend. The results are outstanding.

Ed Mokrzycki - Illinois, USA

Thank you very much for your help. I'm excited about the things I have been able to do so far with DRAWings v.5. It made me eager to learn more!

Claude Mandis - We Bee Quiltin' & Embroiderin' - Idaho, USA

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